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Exploring the Differences Between Sales and Marketing for Business Success

Till now, many people are still confused regarding the terms ‘sales and marketing’. Often, some think that they are one and the same.
But they’re not.

It’s true that sales and marketing work hand in hand in almost the same way, but they still got dissimilar definitions. For business owners, in taking note of the differences, they can easily move toward both areas smoothly. Here are the differences.

* Sales is all about getting the customers to purchase goods, whereas marketing is about finding the customers. With the latter, the staff would have to look for methods on how to get people that are not yet doing business with their firm. Marketing people have to concentrate on creating one’s brand as a whole package look as if it’s interesting and credible. Marketing specialises on giving only the best reputation of their company.

On the other hand, sales ensures that the customers buy the goods and services when they are already engaged at the firm. The sales people are the ones that deal with many things especially regarding how the staff interact with the customers, plus how to make the offer to the customers make it seem more attractive. Generally speaking, the function of the sales team never really dedicate too much on the business establishment itself, but rather directly on each products or services which their company offers.

* Another difference is about how the customers perceive the brand and what they can truly get from it. Say for example, when crafting a marketing plan, it is actually attempting to show the image of one’s business organisation. Marketing is ensuring that prospective clientele view the brand as only the best in the industry with the intention that they would prefer to work with their company-and only with them alone.

Meanwhile, sales people has to make certain that the customers or clients get hold of the goods or services which suit the opinion of the customer. That’s why it’s extremely important to be genuine as customers can feel if they are being demonstrated by a false representation.

In simpler words, marketing is the process wherein you do everything to set the goods and services on the market. A sale cannot take place minus some marketing effort invested prior to it; it’s only safe to say that a major percentage of the qualified sales leads resulted from a reliable lead generation program.

Another effective form of marketing is telemarketing, but it’s also applied to close sales.

An efficient blend of sales and marketing is imperative in order to implement a winning lead generation campaign. After the sales lead qualification, the staff accountable for appointment setting process steps in so that they will commence on the sales process.

Particularly for b2b (business to business) firms, the entire selling process would be tough to materialise if not business appointments are completed in order to contact the prospects.

At the end of the day, sales will have to deal with all the daily details, and that involve the number of customers a firm has and how much income it earns.

Six Foundational Truths to Successful Sales and Marketing

Advertising genius and copywriter, Clyde Bedell, helped many of the largest businesses in America survive the Great Depression era. How? By systematizing the basic, results-proven, time-tested selling principles that he learned through his sales success-and then applying them over and over again.

He not only studied and practiced “professional” sales and advertising-but taught it!

His short course, published decades ago called, “How to Convert White Space Into Advertising That Sells“, teaches some of his time-tested sales and advertising principles that have been proven to increase customer response over many decades.

Here are the Six Foundational Truths that Clyde impressed upon his students and implemented as part of the principles he used to create and write successful marketing pieces for the businesses that hired him:

Foundation Truth No. 1: All Good Selling is Serving

Serve your prospects well with copy messages that are worth taking the time to read.

SERVING your prospects is the strong foundation on which to build the rest of these truths.

Foundation Truth No. 2: People Buy Only to Get Benefits

You can’t ignore WHY people buy… it is to get benefits. They want a slimmer figure, more profit, better health, more time, security, beauty, etc. Don’t make the mistake of NOT telling your prospect what he will get if he takes action.

Foundation Truth No. 3: Benefits Must Be Supported by Features

Always support benefits with features… otherwise a benefit is nothing more than an empty claim. Although SAFETY is a benefit, it means nothing until it is attached to a feature…

“Because this car’s new braking system gives you more square inches of braking surface than any other car on the road blah blah blah… so your safety is assured.”

Foundation Truth No. 4: Prospects Will Read any Amount of Copy… (if it’s customer-focused)

The prospects who are truly your potential customers of any given product or service, will give your sales copy their full attention if it serves their needs. You must realize that they want you to give them helpful information about your product or service.

Foundation Truth No. 5: Planning is a Must for Successful Marketing

Marketing and advertising should be planned out, created and based on a set of sound sales principles and standards, done in a deliberate way-not just put together quickly and thrown out to the prospect. Good marketing is always the result of research, preparation, and planning.

Foundation Truth No. 6: Those in Charge (the Bosses)-Must Understand, Believe, and Enforce these Truths

If your job is to create or write marketing and sales messages that sell-it’s difficult to be successful if the people at the top aren’t behind you.

When the people “in charge” don’t understand what good sales and marketing messages require-the effectiveness of the marketing efforts inevitably sink to a low level.

… when those “in charge” DO understand the profit leverage of effective sales and marketing messages-they will stand behind their marketing staff’s efforts because there’s no faster way to increase profits!

“Do Nothing” Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is best done without selling or marketing.

Think of something that you do very well. Now ask yourself, “what am I thinking during those times?” Regardless of whether you are good at tennis, flower arranging or having a conversation, I bet that most of the time you do not consciously think about it or are even aware of doing it. So it is with the best sales and marketing which is natural and effortless.

Zen has a principle called doing nothing which follows the same approach. Doing nothing does not mean staying in bed but rather doing nothing to hinder the natural evolution of a given process or life itself. It is like a fine balancing act where your role is simply to guide the process as it unfolds without committing any forced or extraneous actions.

This may sound a bit abstract and so I have boiled it down to 3 concrete principles for you to apply to your everyday (non) sales and marketing:

1. Seek to Interact: In the first instance we seek to make contact, to engage, to befriend. What this means is being personable and helpful and knowledgeable about a specific problem your customer is facing. It does not mean launching into a pitch or a series of features and benefits or trumpeting how great you are

2. Seek to Understand: Ask questions. Build rapport. Ask more questions. Empathize. You can learn something from every conversation and you should genuinely enjoy the experience with each customer without trying to force a sale or “next step”. Learn by knowing that you do not know everything about this customer

3. Seek to Add Value: We are here to add value whether it be a simple friendly gesture, useful information or a solution to a problem through our product or service. As you get better about adding value in all the little ways you will get better at closing more business. It is not about you or your solution but about enhancing your customer’s life

Applying these principles to everything you do in sales and marketing will help you evolve as a natural seller and marketer without “selling” or “marketing”. If you think about it, these are the same principles you apply in making a friend, raising a child or attending a seminar to learn something. Why should it be any different in sales and marketing? How can it be any different in sales and marketing?

In sales and marketing the opposite of doing nothing very quickly becomes doing the wrong thing. Think about pushy salespeople or the presumptuous, condescending marketing we all hate. Think about blatantly self-serving “great offers” and the downright deceit practiced by sellers and marketers today. Remember the adage that no one like to be sold but that everyone likes to buy.

Do not push but create a pull instead!