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Sales And Marketing Are Not Interchangeable Terms – To Achieve Success You Must Understand Both!

When I sit down to discuss software needs with business owners I often notice a blurring of the line between marketing and sales. Don’t get me wrong, sales and marketing are very closely related. But it is important for anyone running a company to understand how they differ and how to approach both when it comes to business automation.

My favorite summary is: ‘Marketing brings people to the door, sales gets them through the door’. Marketing is responsible for bringing people to the door of you business. So making them aware of your existence. Letting them know that you may have a solution to their problem or a product they desire. Sales comes into play once they have initiated contact with your organization. Sales take someone who has come to your door over the threshold. So your sales team should use their skills to turn vaguely interested leads into paying customers.

Another way to look at it, is by the level of interaction involved. For example marketing has less interaction and tends to be more one sided. You run an ad in the paper which someone reads. At this stage there is no back and forth between you and the consumer. The sales stage tends to be more interactive. Calls, emails or even letters may be exchanged between leads and your sales team. Or they may sit down to a face to face meeting where the customer asks questions about the product and the sales representative answers those questions (in the hopes of closing a sale).

I think much of the confusion comes from situations where one of the processes is short or missing completely. For example you may send out a sales letter which contains an order form. While a portion of people will call your office for more information, quite a few recipients will just go ahead and fill out the order form. In this example there was no interaction but they still ended up coming ‘through the door’. So is it sales or marketing?

When I pose this question to business owners I often get a wide variety of answers. But I would argue that it is marketing. Sometimes your marketing will have a message sufficiently powerful to induce a sale without any sales interaction.

So why is this distinction important? If you want to have a successful business you must achieve a balance between marketing and sales. If you have a strong marketing department coupled with a poor salesmanship you will get plenty of leads but struggle to turn them into paying customers. On the flip side of the coin a strong sales team is useless if they don’t have enough new leads coming through to keep them busy. By understanding marketing and sales as separate activities you can identify where your weaknesses are and take action to bring your organization back into alignment.

Sales and Marketing Technique for Selling Against Competitors That Have Similar Products to Yours

Sales and marketing techniques can sometimes fail when you are trying to sell a product or service that is similar to those of your competitors. Try this technique that actually uses that similarity in a way that makes your product stand out from the rest.

You can use the ideas here to make your products and services look more impressive than the competition on all your marketing literature, mail-shots, and all electronic mail-outs. The technique will make your sales appointment and cold calls more effective by giving you a really great reason for calling a prospect that will help you keep them listening. When it comes to your sales pitch you can use this selling technique to sell the benefits of your product while being positive about the buyer’s current or past purchases. And all the above sales and marketing techniques work even though your products and services are very similar to those of your competitors.

Start by identifying all the benefits that your products or services have that your competitors do not have. If your competitors sell similar products to you, the benefits unique to your products may be small and very specific. That doesn’t matter, list them all, they will be very useful when putting this technique into action.

Your sales and marketing literature should highlight how good both yours and the competitor’s products are. You cannot be negative about a product or service that is very similar to the one that you sell. You may have heard the sales rule: Do not be negative about your competitors. I agree with this and your marketing should point out the positives of your product without directly criticising competitors. You can do this by sounding positive about the competition and saying how good it is. Then show how much more your product will do for the buyer.

For example, your service might do exactly what your competitor’s does, and there may be very little difference. So you highlight how good your competitors are and how you can provide a service that is just as good. Then you highlight the one selling point that you have that makes you different to the others in the market. This could be a lower price, faster response time, better payment terms, or any other benefit that you have that the competitors don’t. It doesn’t matter how small you think this benefit is because you are offering everything else that others offer plus this additional benefit.

You can use this sales and marketing technique when sending mail-shots, electronic mail-outs, and in all your advertising. Show how good your competitor’s product is. The more you hype-up what the alternative products offer, the better it makes your product look, because your product does everything the others do and then that bit more.

The sales and marketing technique can be incorporated into your sales appointment pitch as the reason why your prospect should listen to your call, and why they should meet with you. The most important line of an appointment setting call is the reason you are calling the prospect. This is the line that will grab the prospect’s attention and motivate them to listen to your call. Add this sales and marketing technique to your sales appointment and cold calling scripts and give yourself an advantage over the competition.

Even in your sales pitch you can use this selling technique. You are saying to the sales prospect: I can offer you everything you’re getting now, and you have already said you are happy with that. Plus I can give you this additional benefit that you are not getting now. It gives you an edge, just as you are highlighting the edge that your product has. What makes this sale technique so effective is that it allows you to complement your competitors while helping to sell the benefits of your sales proposal.

This sales and marketing technique will help you to be more successful at every stage of the sales process. It works to overcome one of the most difficult problems for sales people who sell a product with few unique selling points. It is well worth spending the time to identify those unique differences that your products have, that you can use to make this technique work.

Mind Blowing Sales and Marketing Strategy to Sell Lots More Stuff

Need a sales and marketing strategy that will turn your business upside down? You’ve come to the right place. There are lots of small things that you could do today that will help increase your business. You could contact other non-related businesses, send out a database marketing campaign, or much more. The strategy I’m going to be talking about is something that every business needs to have implemented. If you aren’t using it yet, you are missing out on a lot of extra cash.

What’s this magic sales and marketing strategy? It’s simple really. Offer upsells when you are selling a product/service. An upsell is a promotion you give when you have a buyer. Let’s say they are buying a laptop computer from your store. Offering them a special package deal which includes the computer, a free virus program, and super duty carrying case for a special price is an upsell. I told you it was simple.

Every business can implement upsells. Why does this work so well? It’s because the buyer has already put their trust into you and the fire inside is hot. They have the need and know they must fill it with your product. You’ve already beaten the tough part. Now, just saying a simple statement could double your profit.

Teach your staff to use upsell statements as soon as they are closing. Make them do it every time. Even just a little extra item means more money in your pocket. There are an endless amount of upsells you could offer. They are a sure way to make your business more money though.

Only by mentioning the other products or services that you could provide will increase the revenue you are pulling in each month. It’s a very simple way to increase your profits because there is always someone out there who will accept the upsell and hand you that much more money.

You should always be testing your upsells just like you would your advertising strategies. Some items are going to do better than others when it comes to upsells. This of course will be the case with any sales and marketing strategy. When one upsell isn’t doing well, try another. Add big package deals that make the buyer think this is an offer they can’t refuse. You could even offer it as a one time price. “Purchase this package NOW for a discount of 15%”.